Rates for Services

     Rates are, in general, by the hour, allowing you to pay for exactly the services you want and need. Billing is by the quarter hour, with a half hour minimum charge. Surcharges may apply for unusual or holiday hours. If you have a special situation that you think warrants a special rate structure, please call Alyssa at 703/907-9318 to discuss.

     Standard rate for most services: $50 per hour*

     Writing and editing: $60 per hour

     Mileage for errands beyond a total of five miles: $.50 a mile

     Discounts and/or credits apply for Barcroft residents and for clients who have made successful referrals.

     Payment is accepted by check or cash, and is due upon completion of services unless other arrangements are made.

* If you need Alyssa to simply wait — either for a delivery or service person at your home or while you are in an appointment — after the first half hour, the charge is reduced by half.

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