About Alyssa

After 25 years as a busy charitable fund raiser in Southern California and Northern Virginia, balancing the many demands of career, friends, home and personal interests, Alyssa Ford Morel decided to switch careers in order to help other people in the Arlington, Virginia, community achieve their goals.

“Life is so busy these days,” she says. “Time has become our most valuable commodity. Most adults today have many more projects, desires and needs than they can possibly complete on their own. I have always loved helping people, and I thrive on the pleasure of a task that’s done and done well.”

Alyssa has degrees in journalism and photography, and a career history that has included responsibilities for special events large and small, interior decorating, retail management, volunteer coordination, project management, vendor relations, writing and editing for charitable purposes, and building long-term relationships with people of widely varied backgrounds. Her personal interests include cooking and eating fresh, local food, baking homemade treats, gardening (particularly concentrating on native plants), art history and travel. She is a volunteer with the Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia, and proudly serves as one of the co-coordinators of the Glencarlyn Library Community Garden. She is also a volunteer with the Arlington Regional Master Naturalists  and serves as co-coordinator for Audubon at Home in Arlington and Alexandria. Alyssa edits Barcroft News, the community newsletter for the Barcroft School and Civic League. She loves working with older people and has personal experience with the challenges of aging family members.

“I believe the most important thing I can do for a new client is to listen carefully and make sure I really understand what his or her needs are,” she says. “Sometimes the need is very straightforward, and sometimes it’s part of a much larger picture. My goal is to go a little beyond what’s hoped for and deliver something better than expected.”

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